we are in milan right now city of mode and design we are in Parco Sempione, the largest park in milan look at this beauty behind me the park was built in under the Napoleonic rule after so many years this is still the bigest park in milan can you believe? this building was designed by leonardo da vinci.this building is by da vinci this castle behind me is in the largest park in milan it was built in the year 1450 that means about 570 years ago very great architects and artists like da vinci and Cesare Cesariano and inside it there is a museum with so many arts from da vinci and Michelangelo the ticket is only 12 euros here looks like portugal this is arc the peace its origins can be traced back to a gate of the Roman walls of Milan but the arc was built in 1807 so about 215 years ago why they call here arc the peace? In 1816 when the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy fell and Milan was conquered by the Austrian Empire They called this place arc the peace I have to say .

We are on the Via Dante street it started raining and anything gonna be wet soon at the end of the Via Dante street was the Castello Sforzesco Castle with the Davinci painting and when you go the street straight ahead we cant still see any thing but the most famous Cathedral of city Milan guys! Im so excited look at this the third biggest Cathedral in the world in Milan look at this building look how beautiful this is look all this details did you know this building took nearly seven centuries to complete On 20 May 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte, about to be crowned King of Italy ordered the fa├žade to be finished by Pellicani and after 700 years, finally was done we are front of the one of the bigest cathedral in the world and want to visit the inside As I said this building took nearly seven centuries to complete Why so long? in those days the had to take somehow this huge marble stones to the city center so many Engineers and Leonardo Davinci designed a system of interconnected canals in and around Milan So they could get the stones from there to here by cows Thats why this building took nearly seven centuries we are on the roof of the cathedral this is so cool!

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